Rooftop Farms and Adapted Seeds for Urban Agriculture
We have been involved in building a series of rooftop farms in the East Bay. And now we are launching a crowdfunding campaign with Barnraiser and are asking you to join us in our efforts to build an urban seed farm and facility that will produce climate-adapted seeds and train a new crew of urban farmers.

Our food system has become more and more industrialized and commercialized.and our planet has undergone major climate changes. Today we need more local organic food and less fossil fuels in it.  We are building just that we need a little extra help to get it growing! 

Top Leaf Farms is growing food where people live and our urban adapted seed project will help supply seeds to a new generation of urban farmers. We plan to create a robust catalogue of seeds adapted to the urban environment in order to generate delicious and wholesome food. Our project is designed to create a model of hyper-local food security through the growing, selecting, processing and local distribution of organic heirloom foods and open-pollinated seeds as well as the training of a new kind of farmer--one trained specifically in producing the volume and quality of organic food required in the city.
Site of our Farm with the Notice from the city of our project. Corner of 51st and Telegraph, Oakland, Ca
We need YOU to join us in this endeavor by raising $25,000 to help build an urban seed farm in Oakland! 

Click here to support our project if you can or spread the word to others. We have some amazing rewards and an incredible team of people working together on this.

Help us build our farm and our efforts to create locally adapted seeds for the urban grower.  Support us as we work toward a hyperlocal and ultra-fresh fossil fuel free food!

In growing, in sowing
Farmer Ben 
“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” ― Masanobu Fukuoka



01/25/2016 10:51pm

Well this urban adapted seed project is going to make the farms grow in a beautiful way and i just loved the way your taking care of them and implementing new ways to enhance farming.

02/04/2016 11:35pm

I will support your project ;))

02/07/2016 12:09pm

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02/12/2016 3:26am

It's your own farm? Impressive.

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